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We value our patients' experience at City Sports Health Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Scott Yoshizaki

  • ""When I first came for treatment I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain. Within a short while my pain has gone, I have become more flexible, able to extend my beck more than before, and I am standing up straighter and feel healthier than I did 5 months ago. The doctor's have supported my to take better care of myself and I now go to the gym regularly....The results have been remarkable to say the least, near miraculous would better define it...The improvement has been overwhelming and I would say nearly 130%. If you are consistent and follow the advice the doctors will amaze you. I cannot really say how grateful I am and how much better I feel. I recommend City Sports to everybody.""
  • ""I started a treatment program here about 6 months ago, convinced that low back pain and headaches were just an inevitable part of life and growing older. With the patient education which the doctors consider to be an essential part of treatment I happily have learned otherwise. Every visit is specific and thoughtful. I no longer have headaches and feel I have the long term tools to really address back issues and overall health. I really appreciate the emphasis placed on long term care and appreciate the gentle way in which we are urged to take responsibility for our everyday lifestyle choices by following a carefully described program. I definitely feel in good hands and would reccomend this office to anymore seeking Chiropractic Care. Thank you!""
  • ""I was a cocktail waitressing for a few years and I would come home crying after work because my left lower back would be in major pain. The pain was only on the left side of my back, there side where I would carry my heavy tray. 7 years later I met Dr. Scott at a SAG Health Fair! The City Sports Health Center crew was awesome! They took X-rays and we found that my hips and pelvis were significantly tilted and crooked! We have worked hard to straighten myself out, and I have felt an enormous amount of relief! The City Sports Health Center crew is efficient and loving. I can't thank them enough!!!"

  • ""Ive been struggling with scoliosis practically my whole life. I've been to many doctors about it and none have ever helped me. City Sports Health Center is the first clinic that really made me feel that they cared about what was really going on with my spine. I've been going here for only about a month, and I've already made tremendous progress. "

    Thank you!"
  • ""Before coming to City Sports Health Center I had this constant burning in my traps and upper back and thought it was just soreness from exercise. The doctor told me it was caused by irregular spinal issues and set me up on a therapy program to realign my spine. I haven't felt that burning since and look forward to aging gracefully with proper posture! Yay City Sports Health Center!""
  • ""When I started the Detox program I was 202 pounds. I had very poor sleep and there was little or no energy at the end of the day. The supplements and the food changed the way I lived completely. I am now 177 pounds. Im more alert, I have a lot of energy, my body doesn't hurt anymore, even my attitude changed. Its like a miracle. I continue to eat healthy and exercise way more than before. This might be one of the best decisions I made in my life. Thanks!""
  • ""As an athletic trainer by profession and novice triathlete I thought I would receive little benefit from Chiropractic care. Since meeting Dr. Scott and his team, my approach and training ideals have greatly improved the health of my clients! As an added benefit my sports performance has improved and added longevity to the demands I require for my active lifestyle."
  • ""I came into City Sports Health Center with constant foot problems that have been occurring for about 2 years. The doctor was really instrumental in my foot getting some relief. With the daily adjustments and exercises my foot has been feeling better. When I got the orthotics for my feet, that's when I started noticing a big change. I have more support in my shoes and I see that with the proper care and time I should be leading to a pain free foot!""
  • ""For the past 20 years I have had migraine headaches almost every month (at least twice) and sometimes every day. For the past 6 years I have had allergies and was diagnosed with "carpel tunnel syndrome" at the hospital. I have been treating here for 3 months at least 3x's per week. I no longer have headaches (not even one!) and no more wrist pain...its a miracle! Thank you so much!!""
  • ""I suffer from chronic neck, shoulder, and hip pain that extended down my groin and into my leg. After beginning my treatments, I was determined to show improvement, and regain a natural curve in my neck. The doctor was able to identify all of my problem areas. He put together a therapy and exercise program that has greatly reduced my discomfort. I would recommend Chiropractic Care for anyone in pain or those who want to improve their already good health. The doctor was amazing and he is very knowledgeable, gentle and explains every step of the process. Many thanks to you and your staff. I cannot fully express what your treatments have meant to me.""

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  • "I definitely feel in good hands and would recommend this office to anymore seeking Chiropractic Care. Thank you!"